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Are you able to provide more time to your Children while working from home?

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, most of us are working from home. Initially this looked to be exciting, as we believed that we will save a lot of time in travelling and it will mean more time for family. However, this turned out to be otherwise for many? Please read this article to understand what working Parents have to say?


Should Schools reduce fees since classes are happening Online?

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, all schools and educational institutions are closed for safety reasons. Students are vulnerable to this disease. Hence Government has decided to keep Schools and all educational institutions shut. This forced Schools and Educational institutions to move to online classes. All related to education industry, be it school or educational institutions or teachers, everyone has put tremendous efforts to ensure that Students get their education. Schools have invested in infrastructure to ensure online studies are conducted seamlessly. Teachers have put extra efforts to create online content for education like Power point presentations and Videos. Students have also acquired new skills to study in new environment. We would like to say Big thanks to everyone who has directly or indirectly contributed towards education of students. However, should schools reduce fees since online classes are happening. Please read this article to understand what Parents have to say about this topic?


Can Online Classes Replace Physical Teaching?

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, Online classes has come to the rescue for millions of students across the globe. Few months before, Online classes was a distant dream. It was unthinkable. However, in last few months, everyone in the education industry – be it schools and colleges, teachers, private tutors, students or even parents, have adapted to online coaching. During pandemic, since students are not able to attend physical classes, online coaching has become new norm. However, when situation comes to normalcy, would you still like to continue with online coaching? Would you like Schools and Colleges to conduct physical classes? Is online coaching better than physical teaching?


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Should Schools and Colleges be Open Now?

Every parent has this question in their mind. Should Schools and Colleges be open now? Is it safe to send children to Schools and Colleges? Are Schools and Colleges well equipped to manage new normal and keep children safe? Will Children follow social distancing norms? Will Children follow Covid guidelines during Schools?