Best Educational Game for Learning Multiplication

Maths Vista Basics is a Free Educational Mobile Application for Kids to Learn Multiplication and other Elementary Mathematical operations. Our App is for Everyone - Children , Parents and Teachers. Here, Multiplicaiton is learnt through fun learning Games. You can access it anywhere, anytime through your mobile. Our app focuses on building foundation for higher education. Foundation is the most important part of the building. If foundation is strong, building will be strong. We help Children make their foundaiton strong in Maths. Its a game which children will like to play. While they play, they will learn crucial mathematical skill of multiplication.

Maths Vista Basics is a free math games for children. This is a mobile application which you can download for free. In Maths Vista Basics, you will get unlimited free multiplication games. It has everything for everyone – Children, Parents and Teachers.

Children will play and learn Multiplication skills.

Children will learn multiplication tables through games. There are unlimited times tables games. There is no daily or weekly restrictions on playing these multiplication games online. Moreover, these are free. There is no compulsion to pay for playing these multiplication games.

These multiplication table games are short 1-minute games, wherein children will be able to practice what they have learnt in school or tuitions. Short games are specifically designed for children, as children have agile mindset, and they cannot concentrate beyond certain time.

Our multiplication games are divided into 5 difficulty levels. Children can pick the difficulty level depending on his multiplication ability. If you excel in one difficulty level, you can then graduate to next difficulty level.

These multiplication games are suitable to all state boards, central or international boards eg ICSE, CBSE, IB, IGCSE, SSC. Irrespective of your board, you can play these games. You can be in any country or state or province, it does not matter. You can still play these games. Every board has different curriculum. So, these multiplication games are typically suitable for children between age 5 to 10. These free table games are suitable for students of following grades:

1. Grade 1
2. Grade 2
3. Grade 3
4. Grade 4
5. Grade 5

This mobile game is good for parents as well. Parents can keep track of progress of their child on this app. There are many progress reports available which will help Parents to help improve Mathematical skills. Parents can know

1. how much time their child has spent on learning multiplication?
2. They can also know how is he scoring in multiplication?
3. They will know which table needs improvement
4. They will also know which combination of table, their child needs improvement

Maths Vista Basics is the only app which provides a lot of information to Teachers. This will help them teach multiplication and let them excel in mathematics. Teachers can provide targets to children as their homework. They can also know where child is lacking and which area they would need to focus. Teachers will get specific inputs on each child.

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An Educational Game which provides a lot to Parents

Know How much time your child has Studied

Know Whether study was Effective

What is the Progress?

Which areas need your Attention?

Which Operations require more Practice?

All kids can play - Any Board, Any Country

Free Multiplication Games, Children will love to play

Gamification of Mathematical Operations

Learn at Your convenience

Spend Time in constructive way

Multiple Mathematical Operations to Practice

Multiple Levels in each Operaiton

Unlimited access to Games

Fun Learning, Every Teacher loves their Students to Do

Learn Maths by Playing Games

Provide target duration for studies to Students

Track performance of every Student

Understand Areas of Improvement by Student

Unlimited Practice of all Mathematical Operations

Improve Basic Mathematical Skills of Students