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Maths Vista is a mobile app developing company. We develop Educational Apps based on Mathematics. Our endeavour is to provide Free Educational Games for everyone. You can play unlimited games without any restrictions. These apps are suitable to all age groups. You can access these anytime, anywhere through mobile.

Our Products

Maths Vista Basics

Maths Vista Basics

Maths Vista Basics is an Educational App for Kids to Learn Elementary Maths. You can access it anywhere, anytime through your mobile. Our app focuses on building foundation for higher education. Foundation is the most important part of the building. If foundation is strong, building will be strong. We help Children make their foundaiton strong in Maths. This app has something for everyone - Parents, Students and Teachers

For Parents: Parents will get to know -
1. How much time, your child has studied
2. How was the performance of Child
3. Which area do you need to focus on your Child

For Children: Children will like this App
1. All Mathematical operations are learnt through Games
2. Childern will have fun learning Elementary Mathematics

For Teachers: Teachers will get many information -
1. Teachers will get many insights in detail to understand how Students are performing
2. Teachers can focus on specifc areas where Students need improvement


Brain Box

If you want Exercise for your Brain, Brain Box is the Best Puzzle Game for You. Brain Box is a Mathematics based Puzzle Game. It is a Cognitive and Scientific Game which improves your Working Memory and enhances your Decision Making skills. These are Logic based Puzzle Game. The game is designed to build your Mental Strength and improve your ability to pay Concentration. It can stimulate your Brain and Refreshes you every day. You can play Unlimited Puzzles for Free. Puzzles can be played by Adults as well as Students.

For Students: This Puzzle is suitable for Students. Benefits for Students are:
1. It enhances your Ability to pay Concentration
2. It improves your Logical Thinking
3. It activates Right Brain and improves your Cognitive capabilities

For Adults: This Puzzle is suitable for Adults as well. There are many benefits of playing this puzzle:
1. It improves your Decision Making ability
2. It refreshes Your mind from a routine work-life pressures
3. It builds your Cognitive capability and gives your Mental Strength